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Mediation is well established in Singapore as an effective method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

The Mediation Act which came into force in 2017 was designed to promote, encourage and facilitate the resolution of disputes by mediation. In particular, this Act allows parties to enforce their mediated settlement agreement as a court order, even if court proceedings had never actually commenced. This important change increased confidence in the mediation process and its outcomes, as they can now be legally enforceable.

Importantly, the first international Convention on mediation is scheduled to be signed in Singapore in 2019 and this provides for the international enforcement of mediation settlement agreements and is hoped to do for meditation what the New York Convention has done for arbitration.

Mediation is seen as one of the best ways to increase access to justice, as it is quicker and cheaper than going through the courts.

It allows those involved in a conflict to find their own solution, rather than have one imposed by the courts. The mediator enables the parties to explore possible solutions, focussing not on the rights or wrongs of the situation but rather on the parties interests and needs. It goes without saying that a mutually agreed settlement will do far more to preserve the business relationship than a contested court or arbitration process can ever do. A mediated settlement can often be achieved within a one-day hearing, even when a large and complex dispute is involved.

Private mediation services are used to settle a wide range of both international and general commercial disputes and Lux Mediation has considerable experience of resolving such disputes including; maritime/ shipping, international trade, agency agreements, aviation, banking, carriage of goods and passengers by air, sea & land, contract & tort disputes, construction & engineering, employment, energy (off shore & renewables), information technology, insurance, land and property, motorsport, personal injury, professional negligence, sale of goods, shareholder disputes, travel & tourism and yachting. 

In contrast to court or arbitration cases, mediation can achieve innovative solutions as well as preserving business relationships which may have been built up over many years

Our founder Jonathan Lux is globally recognised within the mediation sector thanks to his expertise in settling commercial disputes.  His vast experience in a range of mediation and arbitration cases provides him with the skills and experience required for a resolution to be reached in even the most complex cases. International disputes can often involve cultural differences and Jonathan is able to steer conversations around such hurdles to ensure a satisfactory conclusion, catering for all parties’ needs and interests. Jonathan has handled commercial disputes in Singapore over many years as a member of SIMC (Singapore International Mediation Centre), SIMI (Singapore International Mediation Institute) , SMC (Singapore Mediation Centre) and the SCMA (Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration). Jonathan is also on the LWP.SG Consultants Panel (LWP SG Consultants) which offers a range of innovative ADR processes, including mediation.

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If you are looking for international mediation services in Singapore or outside of Singapore but involving one or more Singaporean parties then please contact us. Our mediation experts are happy to discuss the alternative dispute resolution process and how this could help to settle your case. You can review our FAQs or contact us to book a suitable date and location in Singapore or an alternative international venue to mediate your dispute.


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