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International commercial disputes can often be resolved through professional mediation. This enables all parties involved to avoid lengthy battles through litigation and expensive court costs. Mediation allows the parties involved to develop their own solution to the issues. It can also preserve ongoing relationships following mediation which is particularly important in commercial cases. The right mediation can help the parties see issues, consequences or solutions they may not have considered, and reach a resolution in just one day.

Our vast experience within international commercial mediation ensures that clients involved in a dispute can swiftly come to a satisfactory conclusion.

We have mediated in many diverse areas of international commercial law including but not limited to; shipping, aviation, banking, carriage of goods and passengers by air, sea & land, commercial contract and tort disputes, construction and engineering, energy (including off-shore and renewables), insurance, international trade, motorsport & yachting.

Founder of Lux Mediation, Jonathan Lux, is a specialist in international commercial law and mediation. As an expert in international trade, Jonathan is highly experienced in dealing with complex, high-value, multi-party cases with international jurisdictional issues.

Jonathan is a fluent English, French and German speaker. This enables him to communicate with parties from different countries in their own language in the often tense discussions that occur through international and commercial law cases. Jonathan holds a International Mediation Institute (IMI) cross-cultural competence accreditation and understands how cultural and behavioural issues can create barriers to settlement and so need to be addressed as part of any mediation process.

A case study from our founder;

“International commercial disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Just one example of a recent case which came before me. This involved a contract for the long term supply of a range of goods from country A to country B. Country B imposed a ban on importation of the intended goods. The question was whether the buyer could invoke the force majeure clause or whether he was liable under the contract. A left-field solution was found in the mediation which enabled both parties to maintain their relationship.”

If you have an international commercial dispute that you are looking to resolve, please contact us. We can explain the mediation process as well as booking a suitable date and location, wherever it may be in the world, to facilitate and mediate your dispute.

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