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Mediation can be a difficult, tense process for all involved. The right mediator puts parties at ease and engenders trust. He enables those involved to see beyond their current ‘positions’ and their so called ‘rights’ to engage with the shared interests of all parties, which paves the way for settlement and avoids the costs and time associated with bringing cases to court. The mediator is independent and neutral – focused on reaching a mutually beneficial settlement and getting away from the culture of blame.

Mediation usually takes place over one day, during which the mediator meets with all parties involved – usually in one location but always in separate rooms initially. Depending on the nature of the dispute, parties will sometimes come together later in the day, to discuss possible outcomes and reach an agreement. Mediators remain impartial throughout the process and refrain from giving advice. Each case is unique and a professional mediator is alert to the personalities in the room, the nature of the dispute and the relationships involved. The mediator adapts his style to deal with each particular situation accordingly to ensure a resolution is achieved.

Our founder Jonathan Lux is well known for bringing even complex, high-value cases to a successful conclusion at an early stage, saving substantial costs to all parties. His wise guidance, flexible approach and excellent communications skills enable him to mediate effectively on both complex and more straightforward cases from a wide variety of industries.

“Jonathan was excellent. He was calm and persuasive.”
Stuart Thompson, Mills & Reeve solicitors

Mediation can deliver successful conflict resolution for a wide range of commercial and civil disputes in many industries and sectors. If you are looking for professional mediation services in the UK then please contact us. Our award-winning experts are happy to provide mediation advice, discuss the mediation process with you and how it could help settle your dispute. You can review our FAQs or contact us to book a suitable date and location for mediation to take place.

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