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General Commercial

Mediation is a highly effective method of resolving commercial disputes. Where parties have been unable to resolve a disagreement between themselves, or even more so where court proceedings have commenced, mediation can bring those involved together towards a shared solution. A neutral, independent mediator helps all parties to see past their current position and move towards a mutually beneficial solution. The right mediation process can bring long-running issues to an end and reach a resolution in just one day. It can build new ongoing working relationships which can be particularly important in commercial cases.

Our vast experience in commercial mediation ensures that clients involved in a dispute can swiftly and cost-effectively put a case behind them and carry on with business as usual.

Jonathan Lux of Lux Mediation has mediated in a wide range of commercial law disputes including; agency agreements, banking, commercial contract and tort disputes, construction and engineering, employment, energy (including renewables), information technology (IT), insurance, land and property, motorsport & yachting, personal injury, professional negligence, sale of goods, shareholder disputes and travel & tourism.

Our founder Jonathan Lux is a top-ranked, full-time mediator with over 40 years’ experience including complex, high-value and multi-party matters. Jonathan’s facilitative approach helps parties overcome antagonistic positions and start to recognise shared interests and needs as he guides them towards settlement. His vast experience in a range of mediation and arbitration cases enables him to help both parties reach a satisfactory conclusion, usually within one day of mediation.

A case study from our founder;

“There is a very wide range of general commercial disputes I have handled. I will give just one example from the field of construction. This involved a contract for the construction of commercial premises, which was won by competitive tender. Key issues included whether the builder was entitled to charge for alleged extras and whether the premises had been built to the standard called for under the contract. There were considerable claims and counterclaims which a full and intense day of mediation was able to put to bed.”

If you have a commercial dispute that you are looking to resolve please contact us. We can explain the mediation process in addition to booking a suitable date and location, to help you bring your disagreement to a successful conclusion.

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