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Lux Mediation provides specialist mediation services which address the legal needs of the business community in the city of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Mediation is recognised in UAE law as more efficient in resolving disputes compared to standard court hearings. Along with other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, mediation saves both time and money and can help to maintain good business relationships once the conflict has been resolved.

The mediator assists negotiations between the parties involved, helping them to define the issues in the dispute and explore alternative solutions. The mediator assists parties to reach a settlement catering to the parties needs and interests.

An agreement can be made within a one-day mediation hearing, even in international disputes.

Despite the fact that the parties involved may be at a geographical distance from one another, mediation can be swift, confidential and cost-effective. It is an excellent opportunity for innovative solutions and for preserving business relations, giving parties maximum control over the outcome.

Mediation is used to settle a wide range of commercial disputes including but not limited to; shipping and international trade, aviation, banking, building and construction, contract and tort disputes, insurance, land and property, personal injury, professional negligence, motorsport and yachting.

Jonathan has dealt with disputes in Dubai in his capacity as a member of the DIAC (Dubai International Arbitration Centre) and EMAC (Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre) panels. He holds an International Mediation Institute (IMI) cross-cultural competence accreditation and understands how cultural and behavioural issues can create barriers to settlement and is able to address all such aspects effectively throughout the mediation process.

“Jonathan Lux leads the voting worldwide, with unanimous praise coming from all corners of the globe… he is recognised for his alternative dispute resolution capabilities. His skills and integrity mark him out as one of the best I’ve ever come across.”
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If you are looking for private mediation services in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates then please contact us. Our award-winning mediation experts are happy to discuss how alternative dispute resolution could help to settle your dispute. You can review our FAQs or contact us to book a suitable date and location in Dubai or at an alternative international venue for mediation to take place.

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