As a highly experienced civil and commercial mediator, Jonathan Lux lectures worldwide and contributes to international conferences, as well as writing numerous articles for professional journals and publications on mediation and arbitration. Jonathan has co-authored and edited books on alternative dispute resolution, maritime law and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


ADR and Commercial Disputes (Sweet & Maxwell, 2003)
The Law and Practice of Marine Insurance and Average
Bunkers: An Analysis of the Practical, Technical and Legal Issues
Getting the Deal Through – Shipping
Maritime Law Handbook
The Law of Tug, Tow and Pilotage
Classification Societies
Corporate Social Responsibility
Expropriation of Oil and Gas Investments: Historical, Legal and Economic Perspectives in a New Age of Resource Nationalism (Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN), 2008)

                                                                        London Calling: When and How to Resolve Your Disputes                                                                   (PLC Arbitration Blog, 2016)

Contributor to

Getting the Deal Through – Mediation 2018
Mediation Techniques
(International Bar Association E-Book, 2010)
Responsible Business: How to Manage a CSR Strategy Successfully (Wylie, 2010)
World Arbitration Reporter (Second Edition, 2010)
The Role of Arbitration in Shipping Law
(Oxford University Press, 2016)
Corporate Social Responsibility
(International Bar Association Series, 2011)


Lloyd’s List, 1st February 2018 – “Twenty-twenty dispute resolution:
Why and when to mediate.”
IHS Fairplay, 24th November 2017 – “Successful litigants can be made to pay for bypassing mediation.”
TradeWinds, 27th October 2017 –
“In a world of conflict, the value of London’s mediators shines.”

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