Mediation is a highly effective way of resolving civil disputes. Where parties have been unable to reach an agreement between themselves, or court proceedings have commenced, mediation can deliver a mutually beneficial solution.

The right mediator can bring long-running issues to an end, and reach a resolution in just one day. Mediation can also help to re-build relationships that may have previously broken down. Therefore, mediation is particularly important in civil cases involving family members, employment issues, neighbours or local contractors. A neutral, independent mediator can help all parties involved to see beyond their current position and move towards an agreement that works for them all.

“Jonathan has a calm and gracious manner which instils confidence in those with whom he works. He is intelligent and perceptive with an instinct for settlement.”

Our vast experience in civil mediation ensures that all parties involved can swiftly and cost-effectively put a case behind them and move forward. We have mediated in a wide range of civil disputes including but not limited to:

  • Disputes with building contractors including non-payment of invoices and incomplete or substandard work
  • Disputes between neighbours over a variety of issues including the use of driveways and passageways
  • Disputes between family members over financial issues
  • Claims for breach of restrictive covenants
  • Disputes over lease break clauses and rent arrears
  • Disputes involving property purchases and other property issues
  • Possession of land and the Mobile Homes Act 1983
  • Council disputes over property transfers
  • Claims for personal injury at work or in the course of employment
  • Claims for personal injury at other locations including schools

Our founder Jonathan Lux has over 40 years’ experience, which enables him to adapt his style and overall approach to best suit the requirements of the particular case, taking account of the personalities in the room, the nature of the dispute and the relationships involved. His robustly facilitative approach helps parties to see issues from all sides and not just from their own point of view. This ability is invaluable as it helps parties to move towards shared interests and shared needs. Jonathan’s vast experience in a range of mediation cases provides him with the skills and expertise to help the parties to achieve an early resolution of their dispute, which may include innovative solutions and most often will enable the parties to preserve their relationship.

A case study from our founder;

“Recent cases which have come before me, cover a wide spectrum. A recent case involved an employee whose employment was terminated on the ground of redundancy. The employee, on the other hand, alleged discrimination and unfair dismissal. The case generated a lot of emotion and called for delicate handling. It was certainly not all about the money. Terms other than financial played a significant part in the ultimate resolution of the matter, enabling a settlement to be concluded at the end of a long and sometimes tearful day.”

If you have a civil dispute that you are looking to resolve, please contact us. Our team at Lux Mediation can then explain the mediation process in addition to booking a suitable date and location, wherever it may be, to facilitate and mediate your dispute.

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