Mediation is becoming recognised in Germany as a fast and cost-effective means of settling disputes. It offers an excellent opportunity for innovative solutions and for preserving business relations, giving the parties involved control over the outcome of their dispute.

During mediation, the mediator acts as a neutral third party. He does not make decisions – but enables the parties in conflict to explore solutions and options that can bring their case to a mutually beneficial, out-of-court settlement.

Mediation services are used in Germany to settle a wide range of civil and commercial disputes including agency agreements, aviation, banking, carriage of goods and passenger by air, sea & land, construction & engineering, commercial contract & tort disputes, employment, energy (off-shore & renewables), international issues, land and property, maritime and shipping, personal injury, professional negligence, sale of goods, shareholder disputes, information technology (IT), international trade and motorsport, travel & tourism and yachting.

Following the Mediation Act in Germany in 2012, there are now incentives to promote a consensual settlement of conflicts through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation.

When submitting an application to the civil courts, the parties involved must state that they have attempted to settle the case through mediation or other out of court means, unless there are particular reasons why such attempts have not taken place. Courts can propose that mediation or other out-of-court settlement procedures take place before proceeding if there has been no previous attempt at mediation.

Our founder Jonathan Lux set up the Hamburg branch office of his former law firm, became a member of the Hanseatische Rechtsanwaltskammer and lived in Hamburg between 2001 and 2003. His fluent German means he is well placed to provide mediation services in Germany or mediate international cases which involve one or more German parties.

Jonathan is able to communicate with parties from different countries in their own language, thereby avoiding misunderstandings in the often tense discussions that occur in international and commercial cases. Despite the fact that the parties may be from different countries and at some geographical distance, mediation can be fast, efficient and cost-effective.

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