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José M. Alcántara, formerly practising lawyer in Madrid, at present full-time arbitrator and mediator in Spain and Panama.

Founder of the law firm AMYA (Madrid). His areas of practice include maritime and commercial law.

Professor of Maritime Law and Lecturer at numerous Conferences over the world since 1972.

Ex-President and Mediator at the IMCAM Panel, London.
Mediator in Madrid since 2000.
CEAMAR Arbitrator, Montevideo.
Ex-President of the Mediterranean Maritime Arbitration Association, Genoa (Italy).
Member of the Chambre Arbitrale Maritime, Monaco.
Panel arbitrator at the International Court of Arbitration for Marine and Inland Navigation at Gdynia (Poland).
ICC Arbitrator, Paris.
Supporting Member (accepting appointments) of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association, London, LMAA
Permanent arbitrator for the Regional Centre for Commercial Arbitration, El Cairo.
Member of the G.G.C. Arbitration Centre, Bahrain.
President of the ICMA VIII,1987 Madrid.
Panel Arbitrator of the China Maritime Arbitration Commission, Beijing/Shanghai (CMAC).
Arbitrator at the SCMA, Singapore.
Former Arbitrator at the SIAC Emergency Arbitrator Panel, Singapore.
Arbitrator at the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration KLRCA, Malaysia.
Arbitrator of the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Warsaw.
Arbitrator of the Qatar International Centre of Arbitration.
Arbitrator of the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kiev.
Arbitrator of the CECOMAP, Republic of Panama. Mediator in Panamá since 2014.
Ex-President and arbitrator of the Spanish Association of Maritime Arbitration – IMARCO.
Arbitrator at the Arbitration Court of Madrid.
Arbitrator of the former Panel at the Board of Trade of Madrid, (CAM).
Member of the Spanish Arbitration Club, Madrid.
Arbitrator at the “Consolat de Mar” Court (Barcelona).
Member of the Arbitration Court at the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM).
Founder and Director of ARBITRAMAR, Madrid
President of the Arbitration Committee at the Spanish Maritime Law Association, Madrid.

Author of the book “Maritime Arbitration in Panama”, and also of the series “International Maritime Conventions” (published volumes I, II, III and IV to date).

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