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Do you need arbitration services to resolve a dispute?

Lux Mediation can help you.


We are leading experts in international and national commercial law. Our established reputation in aspects of commercial and international dispute resolution is easily accessible for both new and existing clients. Our aim is simple and straightforward. We want to help businesses achieve the best possible outcome for all parties through the mediation and arbitration process.


Our arbitration services are excellent. We feel confident in saying this because our founder, Jonathan Lux, has ensured our arbitration services are always second to perfect. Jonathan himself has had a successful career as a mediator, barrister and arbitrator. His successful career has taken him to work in Hong Kong and Hamburg, making him trilingual in French and German as well as English.


Arbitration is a private process where an independent 3 party is appointed to decide the outcome of an ongoing dispute. The resolution of the arbitrator is final and binding.


The arbitration is often used when parties require a quick and confidential process.


Arbitration Services are part of the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. There are many benefits to using an ADR, such as arbitration. When you resolve a dispute using arbitration, both parties get to decide on the arbitrator. This will result in the arbitrator being someone both sides believe will be impartial and fair.


The dispute will also be resolved much sooner than when a dispute is taken to court. This will result in cheaper overall costs.


Founder of Lux Mediation, Jonathan Lux, has a wide range of experience and knowledge within arbitration. We are able to make a binding decision to produce a formatted approach to resolve any potential challenges. Whatever you have an international or national dispute, we can help you! We specialise in national, overseas and international arbitration and mediation dispute resolution! Our mediation and arbitration services will guarantee a fair dispute resolution.


If you need arbitration services, call Lux Mediation today! We are excited to get started with you and to help you resolve your dispute. You can reach us on +44 (0) 7876 232 305 or by sending an email to  

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